DATE : AUGUST 24, 2020

Why should you invest in Andheri East?

Shedding the image of an industrial area, Andheri East has transformed into a highly coveted residential and commercial location. A prime industrial destination due to the presence of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and Santa Cruz Electronics Export Processing Zone (SEEPZ), Andheri East has also welcomed office spaces and residential projects alike in recent years. Corporates are choosing to set up a base in Andheri East on account of the infrastructural developments and affordable properties. Meanwhile, home buyers are attracted by the wide range of options at competitive prices as compared to the overpriced western counterpart of the locality.

Scope for future growth

Andheri East receives healthy demand from those employed in the neighbouring commercial and industrial hubs, which is expected to surge soon. The availability of affordable as well as mid-segment properties leads to the locality witnessing traction from the middle class as well as upper-middle-class buyers and tenants who are unable to afford upscale properties in Andheri West.

Real estate, like many other sectors, has been dealt a major shock by COVID-19. The sector and especially, the residential market, was already grappling with policy changes, regulatory reforms, a liquidity crisis, and changing consumer preferences. Amidst challenging conditions, the residential market was on a recovery path and had shown resilience. The pandemic has disrupted the market and the sector is bound to face several challenges in the short term.

Prospective homebuyers are now re-evaluating their purchase decisions basis need, budget and timing. At the same time, the residential market is providing several lucrative opportunities for those with strong intent. Against this backdrop, JLLs Homebuyer Preference Survey has sought responses to understand the preferences of prospective homebuyers and their outlook on purchasing a residential property amidst the pandemic.


DATE : AUGUST 24, 2020


DATE : AUGUST 24, 2020

Convenience:strong> You can control all devices from practically one place at home, via apps.

Child safety: There are no chances of any electrical shocks anymore.

Maximise home security: With smart devices like smart IP cameras and video doorbells, home security will never take a backseat.

Voice control: Makes it a breeze for the elderly and kids to operate switches.

Increased energy efficiency.

Autopilot allows you to carry out tasks automatically based on intelligent inputs.

Is home automation trending and do homeowners need it?

Players in the market say that the demand for home automation has been growing steadily. Surprisingly, residential usage accounts for the highest percentage of usage in the market with 60% of the home automation industry. With technology playing a major role in peoples lives, they have realised the comforts and advantages that come with it. People who want to customise their homes according to their lifestyle and preferences, now want customised solutions for dimming and controlling electrical devices through remote control and apps on phones. Connected homes make life easier and more convenient.

Digital Dreams: Smart Automation Solutions for Homes, Offices & Hotels

Digital Dreams is a one-stop solution to unify all lifestyle products, creating an experience one cannot live without. By integrating everything from lighting, AV, HVAC, security - even smartphones and tablets - it enhances your everyday world to be more convenient, intelligent, safe and efficient. Digital Dreams offers a wide range of connected home products which can cater to all sizes of homes - from a single room to a mansion.

Switchboards are evolving from big round switches to conventional, retrofit and now smart home switches. Now when you design your home, the switchboards in your room can match up to the look, seamlessly. In this edition of smart homes, let us elaborate on decorative smart switches that will change the way you look at switches forever. Connected homes are the future!

Smart switches are light switches with advanced features that let you automate your home. Hence, you can plug in these switches in any space and these do not require any additional wiring. They can be connected to a wireless device and become a part of the Internet of Things. However, most smart switches can be operated via apps and voice control. Some switches also come with a one-touch control, which light up the moment you lay a finger on it.

What are smart home switches ?

DATE : AUGUST 24, 2020